Drafting and Preparation

When beginning or ending a committed relationship, it is extremely important to have agreements in writing in order to maintain a clear division of assets and property where needed. Having a written agreement in place can offer much needed clarity in a given situation.


 Relationship Agreements

There are several situations in a relationship where a written agreement can prove invaluable. These types of contracts work to establish clear divisions of property and obligations enforceable by law. Our team of separation lawyers in Langley and throughout the Fraser Valley can draft and prepare your formal agreement. Whether you need a prenuptial, cohabitation, or separation agreement, we can craft a fair agreement in a timely manner. If you are facing any of the situations below, don’t hesitate to fill out our questionnaire.


 Separation Agreements

When you’re dealing with separation agreements, it is extremely important to get them in writing. At Dreyer Davison Lawyers, we prepare customized separation agreements for clients in Langley, Surrey and the surrounding area. By choosing us for all of your separation agreement needs, you can rest assured that all components of your separation are documented in case a dispute is made. Getting your terms in writing and in a format that permits the agreement to be admitted as evidence in court is a smart investment.


 Prenuptial Agreement Drafting and Preparation

Prenuptial agreements have an irreplaceable purpose in family law, given the changing nature of the family unit in British Columbia. This is particularly true with second marriages when assets must be protected for your children’s future.


 Cohabitation Agreement Drafting and Preparation

Often, disputes arise because living arrangements and expectations are not shared by all of the parties involved. When partners choose to live together instead of marrying, they often rely on a cohabitation agreement. These agreements outline financial and legal parameters of the relationship. These terms can encompass a wide variety of issues or be restricted to just a few important considerations. For example, a cohabitation agreement can define specific financial outcomes if a relationship ends. It can also include guidelines regarding pensions, inheritance, child support and other topics.


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