The Capable Hands of Dreyer Davison Lawyers LLP

Our foundation is our clients. By giving capable and experienced legal services to clients across the Fraser Valley, we strive to provide premier service in everything we do. We bring a sensible and sensitive approach to your unique legal circumstance.
At Dreyer Davison Lawyers, our goal is to handle your matter efficiently with the lowest possible cost, both financially and emotionally. We will keep you informed and involved every step of the way through your legal challenge.

Legal Process and How We Can Help

Our team focuses on family law — including divorce, separation, and custody. When you choose Dreyer Davison Lawyers to represent you in your specific family law situation, you can trust the matter will be dealt with expediently. We’ll outline the law relating to your case and explain how our team can help serve your legal needs in the Langley and Surrey area. After speaking with our team, you’ll feel more in control and with greater focus.

If you have any questions regarding divorce or separation, fill out our questionnaire online or contact us today.

Preparing Your Case

Personalized Legal Counsel

Just as no two people are the same, neither are two family law cases. By recognizing this, the legal team from Dreyer Davison Lawyers LLP can create a legal strategy tailored to your specific needs. Our basic philosophy is that all concerned—you, your family, your savings as well as your emotional wellbeing—are best served by a civil mediation-oriented approach to your family law situation. If that approach doesn’t solve your family law concerns, our team will adopt a tough, “in-the-trenches” court room strategy to protect your best interests. With more than 40 years of court room experience with numerous victories, speak to our team and let us help.

The Importance of Communication

clear communication

One of the most important aspects in a family lawyer-client relationship is clear communication. With decades of experience, our team understands this and will assist you and support you through your family law issues. We endeavor to answer all phone calls within one business day. Our team is often in court, defending the rights of our neighbours throughout the Fraser Valley. When we are in court, that client receives our full priority and some responses may be delayed. Usually, if a disagreement occurs between a client and his or her lawyer, its root is poor communication. Our team has the skill to avoid this. Contact us today and tell us about your specific circumstances.

Legal Fees

We work efficiently

Naturally, you’re interested in fees. Hiring a lawyer is never inexpensive. Some preliminary matters can cost as much as a vacation and seeing your family law matter through to its conclusion can cost as much as an automobile or more! That’s why at Dreyer Davison Lawyers, our philosophy is to keep your family law expenses as low as possible. With decades of combined experience, the lawyers at Dreyer Davison Lawyers bring insight and focus to every case they undertake. We work efficiently: saving you time, saving you money.

Legal Information for British Columbia

Dreyer Davison Lawyers LLP encourages all potential clients to educate themselves as much as possible before contacting any law office. We’ve compiled the following legal resources for your benefit. Contact us today to speak to an experienced member of our family law team.

The Basics of Family Law

Separation & Divorce

Child Support

Spousal Support

Dealing with Property & Debt

British Columbia Laws

Family Law Act

Division of Pensions Regulation

Family Maintenance Enforcement Act

Interjurisdictional Support Orders Act