Answers to Common Questions About Family Law Mediation

Mediation is a wonderful way to reach a settlement in family law. It’s less time-consuming and less costly than other options. But what if the partner does not want to attend mediation? If you have asked this question in your mind or out loud before, this blog post will shed light on what you need […]

Here’s What You Need to Know about Holograph Wills

BC has very rigid rules that govern what makes a will eligible to be deemed valid. These are: The will can be deemed to be a valid will when it is signed The will can be deemed to be a valid will when it is witnessed by two people or more The will can be […]

Succession Planning – The Key to Keeping Your Business in the Family

Proper planning can help you ensure that the business you worked so hard to establish will be preserved the way you intended.   For instance, if you own and run your own business, you probably want to keep it within your family for generations. Another option is to sell it either before or after you pass […]

3 Factors to Consider During Second Marriage Estate Planning

Estate planning for a first marriage can be incredibly challenging and stressful to try and plan correctly, and things only get more stressful when faced with a second marriage. This is mainly because, in a second marriage, the spouses won’t have the same goals. They can have different targets, from financial planning, long-term care, and […]

The Importance of a Residential Conveyancing Lawyer

Purchasing a home is wonderful, but the process may be daunting. A skilled real estate conveyance lawyer can help you relax and enjoy the process of buying a home. Property Conveyancing’s Importance The importance of property conveyancing is to ensure that when a person buys a home, there are no hidden limits or complications and […]

3 Facts about Estate Planning You Should Know: A Guide

Image of a living trust and estate contract, estate planning

You may have been working for years to acquire your home, car, and other personal possessions. But what happens to your valuables and other worthwhile investments after you die? Fortunately, you have full control through estate planning. It is a way to plan for your assets’ outcomes after your passing by naming the people or organizations you want to receive your belongings.

Can a Step Parent Get Custody of a Child?

step parent child custody

It is not entirely uncommon for marriage-like relationships to shift over the course of their lifespan. Many spouses who have had children during their marriage or common-law relationship are unfortunately faced with an eventual breakdown of their marriage, which leads to separation or divorce. Despite this, one or both of these former spouses may eventually […]

What Happens in Mediation for Child Custody

child custody mediation

When facing a separation or divorce, the welfare of any children involved typically remains a top priority for both spouses. Additionally, this remains a top priority for the courts as well.  Navigating a divorce or separation is already a challenging experience. Whether facing an uncontested or contested divorce, issues pertaining to parenting arrangements, child or […]

Can Divorce Be Denied in Canada?

can divorce be denied in canada

Divorce is rarely something any couple wants to endure but nevertheless, divorce can be all too common. In fact, according to Statistics Canada, 38% (4 out of 10) of first-time marriages end in divorce. It may come as no surprise then that many married couples may find themselves facing divorce at one point or another […]

A Guide to Common Law Separation in BC

common law separation in bc

There can sometimes be some confusion around the concept of ‘common law’ and what it entails. While the laws may vary slightly in each province, in BC common law is viewed in a very defined way. Many people may not be aware that they are even in a common-law relationship and as such, may be […]