Everything You Need to Know about Conveyancing in Vancouver

Apartment Buildings in Vancouver

Conveyancing is an important part of the real estate process in Vancouver, and understanding how it works is essential for any buyer or seller of property in the area. It is the legal process of transferring a property from one owner to another, and it involves a number of steps that must be taken to […]

The Role of a Child’s Lawyer in British Columbia

child covering face with hands

In British Columbia, Canada, it is possible for a child to have his or her own lawyer. This is especially important when a child is involved in a legal proceeding, such as a court case or a family law dispute. This is quite a rare circumstance, however, since the Courts in British Columbia typically avoid […]

How to Recognize the Early Signs of Domestic Abuse

domestic abuse

Domestic abuse is a serious issue that affects many people. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to recognize the early signs of abuse, as the abuser may not show obvious signs of aggression or violence. However, some warning signs can help you identify if you or someone you know is in an abusive relationship. What Is […]

After Separation: 5 Best Practices for Moving with Children

couple separating

Divorce or separation is a legal right most couples in the world enjoy. However, along with the significant change in the family structure, they may also encounter problems ensuring their children grow up as they expect them to. Therefore, parents should also consider the children involved in the change, as they are affected most by […]

How to Use Social Media When Undergoing Family Law Issues

Family law

Social media is already a regular part of most people’s life and offers several advantages like networking, staying in touch, and socializing. Unfortunately, social media can also increase the stress of getting a divorce or separating from someone. How you use social media once you have a family law issue has an effect beyond just […]

What Are the Grounds for Parental Rights to Be Terminated?

Family law

Parents in Canada are legally obligated to provide for their offspring up until they turn 19. This involves making decisions related to the child’s upbringing, such as schooling and health, as well as managing their overall welfare and mental health. At times, a parent’s neglect or harmful behaviour can leave a child in a vulnerable […]

Understand Passports for Children with This Family Law Guide


We often see family law cases where parents have difficulty getting passports for their kids younger than 16. Usually, the custodial parent is allowed to apply for a passport, but the process can be quite difficult. Even though you’d expect it to be straightforward, it’s only sometimes the case. Service Canada requires both parents to […]

Factors Considered When Determining Child Support for an Adult Child

Child support

Any experienced child support lawyer will tell you that child support does not instantly end when a child reaches the age of 19. In fact, it may even continue up to when a child finishes a second university degree.  To know more about adult child support in British Columbia, read on as Dreyer and Associates […]

Understanding the Intestacy Process in British Columbia

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When a person dies without a will in British Columbia, the probate process can be difficult for the family and beneficiaries of the deceased. This process, known as ‘intestacy,’ involves the appointment of an administrator to handle the deceased’s estate.  Intestacy law in British Columbia sets out the rules for how a person’s estate will […]

Learning to Succeed with Your Upcoming Divorce Mediation

Worried couple

Do you anticipate that you and your ex will be able to come to an agreeable resolution during your divorce mediation? Divorce is a difficult process for everyone involved, and it often escalates into a nasty fight due to strong feelings on both sides. If you can manage to keep things civil and out of […]