What Skipping and Not Paying Child Support in Canada Entails

Child Support

If you are a parent who is struggling to make ends meet, you may be considering skipping child support payments. However, it is quite important to understand the potential consequences of doing so. In Canada, a court typically orders child support, which is payable to the parent with primary custody of the child. If you […]

Determining If You Are Accountable for Your Spouse’s Debt

Spouse’s Debt

The way a couple handles their finances is a very private matter. Many people pool their resources to achieve their financial objectives, such as starting a family and purchasing a home. Others maintain partial or complete financial segregation.  No matter what method you use, everyone enters a relationship with a financial condition that already exists. […]

Essential Facts About Determining Spousal Support in BC


Spousal support is a common source of contention in divorce proceedings. While most parents do not object to paying child support, the same cannot be said for paying support to an ex-spouse. If the quantity and length of the assistance put a significant financial hardship on the paying spouse, it can become a highly contentious […]

What You Should Know About Canadian Child Care Benefits

child care

Other than child support, separated parents are entitled to a Child Care Benefit (CCB), which is a tax-free benefit offered to qualified families in Canada. To be eligible, you must fulfill citizenship and residence criteria, be the primary caregiver for a child or be in a shared parenting arrangement as defined by the CRA. When […]

Everything You Need about How a Spousal Support Is Decided

spousal support

Spousal support is a very sensitive subject – as it should be. It can also be very complicated, as every case is unique and there are many factors that come into play when deciding on the amount, duration, and style of spousal support. Here is a list of the most common factors that judges consider […]

Answering 5 Common Questions Regarding Divorce Mediation

man kissing woman's hands

It’s unfortunate, but some married couples split up despite loving each other for a long time. Worse, divorce and separation proceedings take too long, and children are caught in the middle, especially if the parents are in a bad spot. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be this way, thanks to divorce […]

Essential Characteristics Effective Family Mediators Have


Mediation is a process that requires both scientific and artistic skills. Lawyers or mediators need to be trained in how to facilitate communications between people who are in dispute while remaining impartial. Choosing an effective mediator is the best way to reach a binding agreement with your spouse and avoid going to court. Although there […]

5 Reasons Why Post-divorce Beneficiary Planning Is Important

divorcing couple

If you are facing a post-divorce situation, you might wonder how your assets will be divided. The Family Code divides assets and debts based on the length of the marriage, the age of one spouse, the contributions of each spouse to the marriage and the income of each spouse. The law also allows each spouse […]

Debunking Common Misconceptions Surrounding Child Support

Child Support

Parents have a bound responsibility to their children. That means they are legally obligated to provide financial support. This is enforceable even if one parent does not see or care for the children. Parents who are denied court-ordered parenting time can seek proper remedies through family lawyers, but an unhappy parent cannot penalize the kid […]

Case of the Invalid Will: When the Note Becomes a Valid Will


It’s surprising to note that despite the ease of getting a last Will today, more than half of Canadian adults (at 56 percent) fail to secure a signed one, with 29 percent of them unsure how to begin or believe they cannot afford one. In addition to legal fees, this oversight can cause bitter family […]