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The path to getting a divorce is different for every couple.

At Dreyer Davison Family Lawyers, we’re divorce lawyers who understand that the path to getting a divorce is different for every couple. Whether you are legally married or common law, we are experienced in exploring options for resolving family law disputes as efficiently as possible.

The path for getting a divorce is different for every couple. If you and your spouse are in total agreement regarding all issues of your divorce, the process can be quick and inexpensive. However, if you and your spouse disagree on the terms of your divorce, you can either resolve them through negotiation and mediation or you can go to trial and have the decisions made by the court. The separation and divorce lawyers at Dreyer Davison do our best to effectively resolve family law disputes as seamlessly as possible for the Surrey, Langley, and Fraser Valley communities. Our lawyers specialize in effectively resolving family law disputes as seamlessly as possible.

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Common-Law Separations

If you are separating from someone to whom you are not married but are in a common-law relationship, you likely have many matters related to your lengthy relationship that must be resolved. Our divorce and separation lawyers are up to date and well-informed on all of the latest developments in common-law separations in British Columbia. We’ve helped clients throughout the Fraser Valley safeguard their best interests in the midst of a relationship dissociation.

The Importance of Hiring a
Divorce Lawyer

At Dreyer Davison Family Lawyers, we understand that sometimes divorce or common law separation agreement simply cannot be forged and how difficult of a time this may be for you and your family. In these cases, you need to rely on an experienced law firm whose litigators can help you ensure your best interests are met and present your case to the court. Our Langley and Surrey divorce lawyers have helped many clients in marriage and common-law relationships navigate and overcome separation and relationship splits.

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