It is a fact of life that sometimes marriages and common law relationships come to an end. When this occurs, you should strongly consider hiring a divorce lawyer.

Why do people need divorce lawyers?

A divorce or breakdown of a common law relationship can often be a high stress and anxious time not only for the people directly involved but the entire family. A divorce lawyer can help you consider and navigate through, the best options on how to proceed legally, with your and your children’s best interests as the primary concern.

Both contested and uncontested divorces are complex. With this complexity comes an air of uncertainty. It is important to have a divorce lawyer on your side, to assist and advise you through potentially life-changing decisions.

An experienced divorce lawyer can provide you with a clear understanding of your rights and obligations, and assist you in gaining insight into your overall legal standing.

Hiring A Divorce Lawyer Can Help You

There are many benefits to the support, advice, and assistance that comes with hiring a divorce lawyer. Some of the key areas that a divorce lawyer can help you with are:

  • Understanding the complex legalities of a divorce proceeding or breakdown of a common law relationship, including child custody, parental rights and responsibilities, child and spousal support, and the allocation and exclusion of assets and debts;
  • Completing complicated court documentation correctly, and in a timely fashion;
  • Advising on the appropriate steps to take in a legal proceeding to reach a favourable and fair outcome;
  • Acting as a representative and mediator for you when communicating with the party you are divorcing or separating from;
  • Negotiating agreements on your behalf to formalize your rights;
  • When necessary, being your voice in mediations, conferences, and contested court hearings, all of which are often intimidating and overwhelming for individuals who have not had formal training;
  • Assessing your particular situation and circumstance to provide you with unbiased and clear advice.

Things You Should Look For When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Experience: The importance of choosing a divorce lawyer with a wealth of experience in family law cannot be overstated. An experienced divorce lawyer will be best equipped to quickly gain an understanding of your case, and use their extensive knowledge to quickly provide you with an informed assessment of how to proceed. An experienced divorce lawyer can also often increase your chances of settlement and allow you to possibly avoid going to court at all.

Good communication skills: In order to effectively represent you, open communication with your divorce lawyer is essential. At times, intimate details about your personal life will be discussed. You want to choose a divorce lawyer that you feel comfortable with. Give careful thought as to whether your divorce lawyer is approachable, calm, and communicates well with you. It is also important that your divorce lawyer is able to communicate with you in a timely fashion.

Previous client testimonials: What have other people said about your divorce lawyer? Has your divorce lawyer received positive feedback and comments? Has your divorce lawyer received any feedback that concerns you? The reputation of your divorce lawyer is a very important consideration.

Consultation Fees: Some divorce lawyers offer free consultations. Often, reputable and experienced divorce lawyers will charge a flat fee. This is not a bad thing – a reputable divorce lawyer’s time is valuable.

Need help with divorce? Dreyer Davison Family Law has been helping families and individuals for over 45 years. Let us know how we can be of assistance, today.

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